Offering Hope and Encouragement in the Midst of Sorrow

                                   Calling All Churches

A widower sits alone near the back of the church. His children in another area of the church participate in the youth program. Occasionally those passing by will stop and briefly greet him, but they quickly move by to avoid looking at the depth of grief in his eyes. He wonders if sitting alone is really so bad, the pain is less than going to the couples Sunday School class that he and his wife attended together prior to her death. He recalls the reason he no longer attends the Sunday School class. His first Sunday back to the class after his wife's death, members greeted him with suggestions that he no longer fit into a couples class and perhaps he should try going to the singles class.

The worship hour began with a few songs to prepare the congregation’s heart for the morning message. A young widow surrounded by a flock of small children attempts to hold back her tears. She is thankful for the restlessness of her youngsters; they help take her focus off of the music that is being sung. She keeps her head down as if she has a need to read the words of the hymn, but in reality it is her way of not having to look at the platform where her husband once stood leading the music. Her thoughts stray and she wonders how she can continue to attend the church that she and her husband were married in. She once knew her place in the church, but she no longer knows where she fits in.

Sadly, the most frequently received comments at Fellowship of Young Christian Widows/Widowers are from widows/widowers mourning the loss of their relationship with the churches they are attending. They feel lost and alone, dishonored and unloved.

                       Is your church ready to heed the call?


Widows/widowers do not receive a greater level of care in larger churches with more resources than in smaller    churches with fewer resources.

Church sponsored grief support groups rarely meet the needs of young widows/widowers.

Hiring a cares and concerns pastor does not insure better care of young widows/widowers in a church.